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What happens when summer construction affects a race route significantly?
Well, you merely adapt and choose another. In the first two years of this
event, the “gran” distance followed what is called the lamb route: Lincoln/
Appalachian/Middlebury/Brandon Gaps. With two of these roadways out
of commission throughout the spring and summer, however, everything
has been reconfigured. Event director Sue Hoxie, from the Addison County
Chamber of Commerce, says there are still going to be four mountain climbs
that involve 3,050 m of elevation. “We believe it to be the toughest fondo in
the northeast,” she says, adding that the eastern side of the Lincoln gap offers
what is purported to be the steepest paved mile in the United States, with a 24
per cent grade. One bonus feature of the new route includes riding over five of
Vermont’s famed covered bridges.
“This is a ride, it’s not a race,” Hoxie emphasizes. While no part of the event
is timed or scored, there is an added bonus for those who seek a competitive
element. Strava segments involving four hill climbs will determine the king
and queen of the mountain.
Last year, cross country mountain biker Lea Davison, who represented the
United States at the Olympics in 2012, was crowned queen of the mountain for
three of the four hill climbs, where she also beat the men.
With the ride being so close to the border (about four-and-a-half hours
from Quebec City and two-and-a-half hours from Montreal), there is a strong
Canadian contingent who make their way down to this event, which is hoping
to see 300 cyclists this year. “We’re a small event, but it’s very personalized,”
says Hoxie

USA upcoming concert tours 2016

Are you bored and don’t know what to do on a Friday night. We have options for you! Pleck those are the best tours which will be around USA during the next couple months.

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Check Out These Tips For Music Lessons

music lessons

1. Practicing Should Be Easy- When it comes to getting better at music, it takes a lot of practice, regardless if you are trying to learn a new song or a new instrument. Sure, finding time to practice can be difficult to do for many people. However, you must find the time to practice, as this is how you will make progress, and the more you practice, the more you will enjoy learning music.

2. Time- Something you should do is practice at the same time every single day, as this is how it will become a habit. Setting a specific time works well with kids too. Generally speaking, the earlier in the day you practice, the less reminding you will need to do when it comes to your kids’ practicing their craft.

3. Repetition Is Important- Beginners need repetition, especially for kids because 20 minutes can seem like a lifetime to them. A good way to do this is to have your child practice daily at least 4 times every single day. The chances are your child will not be that focused on the actual number of practices they are doing or how long practice is taking. Repetition works and it can work very well, therefore you should practice repetition, because eventually the person will become even better at the instrument that they are practicing.

4. Rewarding Works- Rewarding both kids and adults is a good method, so feel free to offer rewards to those who have done a good practice session, but if you reward adults, then you can reward them by buying them a cup of coffee once per week. This is just one example of what you can do, and the truth is that rewards work for people of all ages, so if you want to make practice more fun for people, then offer them a reward. You might be surprised at how good this works.

Music should be something enjoyable. That’s what we teach students at Ontario’s Professional School of Music & Arts in our piano lessons Mississauga program. Our  school address: is 5632 Tenth Line W, Mississauga, ON L5M 6S3 (905) 567-9070. This is why it is important to make it fun for yourself or fun for your child. Plus, making things fun can help a person learn at a faster pace.

Specializing in Art Sales and Leasing

Since Starving Arts Gallery opened in 2005,we have catered to a broad spectum of business establishments. Health care providers, non-profit orginizations, restaurants, companies and many others have chosen Starving Arts to liven up their home and workplace.
We offer competitive prices, so whether you lease or purchase, you can enjoy beautiful original art in your establishment at a reasonable cost.

Why lease artwork?

1.  Fine art in an establishment helps to create a specific feel and mood to the setting. It has a positive impact on employee’s, patients and customers alike.

2.  Because of our interest in the promotion of montreal artists and businesses, we provide an excellent medium to support local talent and success.

3.  Leasing art offers a fresh approach to stimulating a work or home environment, with the flexability to renew and update the surroundings regularly.

4.  For businesses, art leasing can be tax deductable. This allows for a cost efficient method of style and esthetic up-keep.

Starving Arts

2007-01-02 – And for the Artists, new and established, the art lovers and the those who love to browse and speak. Starving Arts Gallery is in the process of adding the Starving Community. Here you can post your work and Bio, your thoughts and comments. Users can post items for sale or just log on to be involved in the blogs and forums. We are currently in the testing stages. If you would like to help test the beta version please feel free to get in touch.
2006-12-08 – The Gallery is proud to announce the implementation of a five person jury who will be selecting artists and works for upcoming events and presentations. We are presently working with these five to improve the quality of the Gallery and better represent the artists involved.
2006-11-10 – On behalf of myself and Starving Arts Gallery I would like to thank all of the artists and patrons for participating in our first annual fall auction. The turn out was a huge success and we are in the process of planning the annual spring auction that will take place in June. There will be some changes to the set up and we will be implementing a silent auction rather than live. We will soon be placing pictures of the event on the site so please stay tuned. Alot of time and hard work was spent by myself and many others to make this a success and once again I would like to thank everyone who was involved and I look forward to our next event. Daniel Enright
2006-06-25 – COMING THIS FALL…..This November marks Starving Arts first annual fall charity auction and showing. Opening the morning of Saturday November 4th with a huge selection of montreal art. The auction runs from 11am-4pm. Early evening 6pm-midnight, come have a drink, enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Lachine’s Canvas Gallery, filled with some of montreal’s finest new and established artwork. For more information or submission to the auction and showing please contact us at 514-220-0457 or
2006-06-25 – Starving Arts Services Page is now up and running. To post advertising for your business services, please contact us at